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Table Hopping
Moving from one table to another in rapid succession while playing. Often used in conjunction with wonging.
Tap Out
Losing your whole bankroll.
Target / Target 21 / T.a.R.G.E.T.
Acronym for Table, Research, Grading and Evaluation Technique. An alternative system, originally formulated by Eddie Olsen and Jerry Patterson, to beat multi-deck Blackjack. TARGET's basic premise is that casino shuffling routines are non-random and tend to create biases in shoes, sometimes favoring the player (5% of the time) but mostly favoring the house (70%). The player must therefore identify and play in tables that show evidence of excess players' wins while avoiding tables which are "dealer-biased". A set of table-selection rules is provided, which focus on signs of players crowding the table (a lot of cigarette butts in the ashtrays, etc), for specific card sequences ("clumping") observed, etc. The system has been totally and convincingly shown to be pure snake oil, by a number of blackjack authors, through computer simulations, statistical analysis & logical arguments. [References: See Break the Dealer 1986 and BJ: A Winner's Handbook 1990, both by J. Patterson, for the system's presentation. Also see the comprehensive Sims on biased shoes in Blackjack Essays by Mason Malmuth, 1987. Also see Abdul Jalib's analysis of biases in his "In Search of Clumping" post archived in bjmath.com. See also Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong 1994, for simulations and exhaustive analysis of streakiness & bias resulting from various shuffling procedures.]
The acronym for True Count.
Team Play
A term for a group of players who play using one bankroll, usually provided by the player's themselves and other investors.
A dealer's give-away expression, gesture, mannerism or overall attitude which gives to the alert player enough information about the dealer's hole card. Tells exist only in games where the dealer checks under tens for a natural. To guard against tells, and also dealer-player collusion, most casinos have installed automatic hole-card checking machines or switched to the no-peeking-under-tens rule.
Tell Play
Observing the dealer and trying to detect subtle body language and expressions that show his hand.
Third Base / Third Baseman
The seat at a blackjack table which is the farthest to the left. It is the last person to receive the cards during a round of play. Also Anchorman.
The father of card counting, Edward O. Thorp. His Beat the Dealer is the first book to explain card counting.
The acronym for a Las Vegas casino called Treasure Island.
Both player and dealer have the same hand total. Player keeps bet. Also Push or Stand-Off.
An abbreviation for The Theory Of Blackjack, book by Peter Griffin.
A player tip to the dealer or to any other casino person providing service to the player.
Tough Player
A smart player who can make money against the casino in the short run.
The special place in the table where the dealer keeps the house chips, stacked horizontally in rows. Also rack.
An abbreviation for any of the casinos named Tropicana.
True Count
The true count is derived from the running count divided by the number of decks left in the shoe. The running count adjusted to account for the number of cards left in the deck or shoe to be played. The total number of decks can be estimated to the nearest deck or half deck.
A practice which reduces every "precise" index number to just an integer. (Truncated indices, or indexes). When Truncating, we simply take away (truncate) the decimal part of the index number, leaving only the integer part. Examples: +2.95 becomes +2, +2.15 becomes +2, -0.99 becomes 0, -3.05 becomes -3. Of course, an index number which has been calculated to be "precisely" an integer, does not change: +3.000000 remains as +3. Also Flooring and Rounding.
Another name for the game of blackjack.
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