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The acronym for Universal Blackjack Engine, software by John Imming.
An abbreviation for Unbalanced Zen card-counting system.
Unbalanced Count
A count in which the number of plus and minus cards is not equal. For example, the KO count has one more plus valued card than minus valued card, which makes it an unbalanced count.
Unbalanced Zen
An unbalanced version of Arnold Snyder's Zen Count.
This generally means a card counter's minimum bet. When a counter is spreading $25 to $200 and says he won 10 units, he means he won $250. Although if he is spreading $50 to $200 with only an occasional $25 bet, he might be talking about $50 units.
Up Card
The dealer's first dealt card, placed face up.
Uston Advanced Plus / Minus Count
A level one counting system described by Ken Uston in the book, Million Dollar Blackjack. It is a balanced count which values the 3 through 7 cards as a plus one and the tens, face cards and aces as a minus one. It also utilizes a number of strategy variations based on the count.
Uston Advanced Point Count
A level three counting system described by Ken Uston in the book, Million Dollar Blackjack. It assigns the value of plus one to 2s and 8s, plus two to 3s, 4s, 6s and 7s, plus three to 5s, minus one to 9s and minus three to 10s.
Uston Simple Plus / Minus Count
See Uston Advanced Plus / Minus Count. It uses the same tag values but does not include the strategy variations on the Advanced Count.
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