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W / L
An abbreviation for win / loss.
If the dealer bends the cards while checking under 10s and shuffles gently, the cards might take on warps that make them readable while face down. For more information on using warps, see Basic Blackjack.
To mix a deck of cards by placing them face down on the table and mixing them by using a washing motion. This is commonly done whenever new decks of cards are brought to a table.
An abbreviation for Humble and Cooper's book titled The World's Greatest BlackJack Book
This is casino-speak for a high-roller of the biggest sort.
Win Rate
The speed at which one is expected to win, commonly expressed as a percentage or in dollars per hour or per a specified number of hands.
Wong / Wonging
1. To back count the cards dealt at a particular table and to then join play only when the count indicates the game has swung to the player's advantage, and then to leave when the count indicates the game has turned unfavorable. 2. Playing in any favorable situation in a number of different games. It is named after blackjack author and BJ21 webmaster Stanford Wong, who popularized this method of play.
The acronym for Bally's Wild Wild West casino in Atlantic City, NJ.
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