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Baby Split
The 2-7 or 3-10 split.
Baby Split with Company
The 2-7-8 or 3-9-10 split.
Baby the Ball
To release the ball too carefully, at the expense of the follow-through.
A ball that breaks in the wrong direction, e.g. to the right for a right-handed bowler.
An approach that doesn't end with a delivery.
Ball Track
Area on lane where most balls are rolled.
A hit on the head pin with little power behind it.
A pin that's hidden behind another pin.
The area surrounding the lane, including the approach, the pit, and the gutters.
The 7-10 split.
Beer Frame
A frame after which one bowler has to buy beer for all the others. This is often a pre-determined frame, with the low scorer in that frame getting stuck with the tab. Sometimes, if all bowlers but one roll strikes in a frame, that becomes the beer frame and the bowler who didn't strike has to buy.
Bench Jockeying
As in baseball, conversation or gibes meant to distract an opponent.
A curve or hook that nearly falls into the gutter before beginning to break.
Same as barmaid.
Big Ball
A hook with a lot of action, often allowing a bowler to get strikes even on hits that aren't perfect.
Big Ears
The 4-6-7-10 split.
Big Fill
Getting nine or ten pins following a spare, or a double following a strike.
Big Five
A leave with three pins on one side and two on the other.
Big Four
Same as big ears.
A score marked for a team's absent player. In many leagues, the bowler's average or the average minus ten pins is used. In others, it's a set score, such as 140 for men and 120 for women.
To miss converting a spare.
Knocking down all but one pin.
Body English
Movements and contortions of the body intended to steer the ball as it travels down the lane. Usually ineffective.
Pins awarded for winning a game in certain kinds of match play.
A frame.
A frame in which a series of strikes ends.
Brooklyn Hit
A hit on the wrong side of the headpin; i.e, the left side for a right-handed bowler, the right side for a lefty.
Brooklyn Strike
A strike that results from a Brooklyn hit.
Broom Ball
A ball with so much action that it seems to sweep the pins away.
A diamond-shaped, four-pin cluster, e.g., the 2-4-5-8 or 1-2-3-5.
A pin that remains standing after an apparently perfect hit.
Three consecutive open frames. Compare turkey.
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