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Faith, Hope, and Charity
Same as Christmas Tree.
Fence Posts
Same as bed posts.
Field Goal
A ball that travels between two pins without knocking down either of them.
The pins knocked down after a spare or two strikes.
Fill Ball; Fill Frame
A final, third ball in the 10th frame, after a spare or the second of two strikes, required to determine the bowler's final score.
Finger Grips
Inserts that are placed in the finger and/or thumb holes to allow a better grip and generation of more spin.
A type of grip in which the fingers are inserted only as far as the first joint, allowing much more spin.
Fit Split
A two-pin split in which the pins are close enough together that the ball can hit them both.
Five straight strikes.
Flat Ball
A ball with little or no spin, resulting in little or no action.
A ball that has little or no lift or turn, which therefore follows the path of least resistance down the lane.
Flying Elbow
Same as chicken wing.
The motion that takes place after release of the ball.
Crossing or touching the foul line at delivery. It's penalized by a count of zero pins. If the foul occurs on the first ball of a frame, the bowler gets a second shot at a new rack.
Foul Line
A line, usually red, between the approach (1) and the beginning of the lane, 60 feet from the head pin.
A strike in the ninth frame; so he called because it lays a foundation for a strong finish, with the possibility of three more strikes in the tenth.
Four consecutive strikes.
One of ten "innings" in a bowling game; originally it referred to the box on the scoresheet where the score for a single frame is recorded.
Frozen Rope
A very fast, straight ball.
Full Hit
A ball that hits the head pin at or near the center; often results in a split.
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