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Pins added to a bowler's score to help equalize competition. The handicap is based on the bowler's average as compared to some arbitrary number set by the league. If that number is, for example, 180, and the bowler's average is 145, the handicap would be 35 pins.
Hard Way
Converting the 2-7 or 3-10 split by knocking the front pin into the back pin. (The standard way of converting is to hit both pins with the ball.)
Head Pin
The 1-pin.
High Hit
A hit on or near the center of the head pin.
Farther to the left for right-handers, to the right for left-handed bowlers.
Same as pocket.
A ball that breaks rather sharply toward the pocket, as opposed to a curve.
House Ball
A ball provided by the bowling center, as opposed to the bowler's own ball.
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