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The actual playing area, which is 42 inches wide and 62 feet, 10 3/4 inches long. The gutters and the approach are not part of the lane.
Late 10
Said of the 10-pin when it is the last to fall on a strike, usually after a moment's hesitation.
Leadoff Man
The first bowler for a team.
The pins that remain after the first ball has been rolled.
Upward motion imparted to the ball by the fingers at release.
Light Hit
A hit that doesn't strike the headpin solidly.
Light Seven
A light hit that results in the 2-4-5 or 3-5-6 split.
The 5-7-10 split.
Dated synonym for a game of bowling.
Little Rail
The rail or picket fence leave minus the 1-, 7-, or 10-pin.
Delivering the ball without sufficient lift, which usually results in its rolling off to the right (for a right-handed bowler).
The distance the ball travels between time of release and the time it hits the lane. A bowler often needs to adjust the loft somewhat to increase or decrease rotation.
The act of throwing the ball onto the lane instead of rolling it.
Heavy pins that are often used for practice, since they generally require more precise hits to achieve good scores.
A very slow, wide hook.
Loose Hit
A hit low in the pocket, more on the 3-pin for a righthander and the 2-pin for a leftie, than on the head pin. Also known as a low hit.
Love Tap
A very light on one pin from another that just barely knocks it down.
Descriptive of a loose hit.
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