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Makeable Split
A split that isn't terribly difficult to convert, though it may not exactly be easy.
Pins, because that's the wood they used to be made from.
A spare or strike, so called because of the identifying mark put on the score sheet.
Match Play
A kind of competition in which two bowlers compete against one another, rather than against the field as a whole. Typically, the winner of a match advances to the next round for another match.
Medal Play
A kind of competition in which only the total pin scores count toward the championship.
A pin that rolls across the lane late, after all of the other action has taken place.
Same as open.
A ball with a lot of action.
The gutter.
Usually the 7-pin, because it's often the pin that remains standing to spoil what looked like a good strike hit; sometimes synonymous with barmaid.
Mr. (Or Mrs.) Average
Facetious name for a bowler who doesn't show up, since his or her average is often used to compute team scoring. See also blind.
Mule Ears
Same as bedposts.
Same as baby split.
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