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On the Nose
Descriptive of a nose hit.
One in the Dark
Same as barmaid.
Open Bowling
Bowling for the fun of it, as opposed to competing in league or tournament play.
Open Frame
A frame in which the bowler doesn't get a strike or a spare.
Out and in
A hook that's initially thrown toward the gutterand then breaks back across the lane toward the pocket.
Out of Bounds
An area from which the ball can't get to the pocket with its usual break. If, for example, a right-handed bowler delivers the ball from too far to the right, it is said to be out of bounds.
To a professional bowler, the number of pins above 200. Thus a score of 224 is "24 over." See also par; under.
To put too much spin on the ball, usually resulting in too much of a hook, which is likely to cause a nose hit or a Brooklyn hit.
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