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To a professional bowler, a 200 game. See also over; under.
Part of the Building/House
Said of the 7 or 10 pin when it remains solidly standing after an apparently perfect hit. Used in a phrase such as, "That pin must be part of the building."
Perfect Game
A score of 300, resulting from 12 consecutive strikes.
Same as chop.
Picket Fence
The 1-2-4-7 or 1-3-6-10 spares.
Pie Alley
A lane that produces high scores; from "easy as pie."
Pin Deck
The area of the lane on which the pins stand.
Pinching the Ball
Taking too tight a grip on the ball.
A display board that shows the bowler which pins remain standing after the first ball.
The area at the end of the lane.
Same as approach (1).
The space between the head pin and the 3-pin for right-handed bowlers, the 2-pin for left-handed bowlers. This is the target for the first ball in a frame.
Poison Ivy
The 3-6-10 split.
To throw a gutter ball; probably a facetious corruption of puddle.
Pot Game
A type of gambling competition in which two or more bowlers put money in the pot and the high scorer wins it all.
Powder Puff, Puff Ball
Same as nothing ball.
A ball thrown very fast and with a lot of action, resulting in an unmistakable strike.
A gutter ball.
Pull the Rug
A hit on which a number of pins wobble for a time before falling down simultaneously, as if a rug had been pulled out from under them.
A softly thrown ball with little or no spin.
Punch Out
To finish with consecutive strikes, from any frame on.
The beginning of the approach, when the bowler takes the first step and pushes the ball away from the body.
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