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A bowler who deliberately keeps his average low during the first part of the season, to take advantage of an artificially high handicap later on.
Sandwich Game
Same as Dutch 200.
Scenic Route
The path taken by a long, slow curve ball.
A strike, usually from a loose hit, on which the pins slowly fall, one after the other. From the German for "grinder."
Actual score, without a handicap added.
Shadow Ball
A practice ball rolled on an empty lane, without pins.
Short Pin
A rolling pin that doesn't quite knock down a pin that's standing.
Sidearming or Sidewheeling
Pulling the arm away from the body during delivery.
Same as kickbacks.
Six consecutive strikes.
Same as barmaid.
Slide; Slide Step
The final step of the delivery, on which the bowler's foot slides.
Slot Alley
A lane with a worn track that guides the ball into the pocket, making strikes easy.
Snake Eyes
Same as bedposts.
Snow Plow
A strike ball.
Sour Apple
A weak hit that leaves leaves the 5-7, 5-10 or 5-7-10 split; also, the 5-7-10 split itself.
Knocking all the pins with two balls. The score for that frame is 10 plus the number of pins knocked down with the first ball of the next frame.
Spare Leave
Generally, the pins standing after first ball is rolled; often used to mean a leave on which it's relatively easy to get a spare, as opposed to a split leave.
A strike on a light hit that causes the pins to fall slowly.
Split, Split Leave
A leave on which some of the remaining pins are rather widely separated, making a spare relatively difficult. The 7-10 is the most difficult to convert.
Spot Bowling
Using a particular target on the lane, rather than the pins themselves, as an aiming point. Many bowlers use the range finders, for example.
Steal a Strike
To get a strike on a less-than-perfect hit.
The feat of knocking down all ten pins with the first ball. The score for the frame is 10 plus the total number of pins knocked down by the next two balls.
Strike Out
Usually, getting all three strikes in the tenth frame; also sometimes the same as punch out.
Strike Split
A split that results from what was apparently a strike hit. Usually the 8-10 split for a right-handed bowler and the 7-9 for a lefty.
One game of bowling, made up of 10 frames.
Same as broom ball.
Swiss Cheese Ball
A ball with many holes in it, used to determine the proper fit for a bowler so a custom ball can be drilled.
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