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Sanctioning Organization
One of the organizations that sponsor belts for championship fights. There are three main, or so-called "legitimate" ones: The WBC (World Boxing Council), the IBF (the International Boxing Federation), and the WBA (World Boxing Association). There are a host of smaller organizations that have relatively little meaning and add to the ³alphabet soup² boxing has become, with names like the WBO or the ICBF.
Saved by the Bell
When a fighter is on the verge of being knocked out or is knocked out just as the bell sounds so that the fighter does not lose and has a minute to compose himself. Generally no longer allowed in professional matches.
Standing 8 Count
When a fighter looks to be in trouble (i.e. on the verge of being seriously injured), the referee stops the fight and counts to 8 so that he may determine if the boxer is able to continue. Sometimes fighters can be knocked down and get up but yet be "out on their feet."
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