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Odds Bets
An additional wager on come, don't come, place, and don't place bets after the come-out roll. This is called to wager behind. You can wager behind x times the amount you could win, where x is the number of odds allowed. If you are playing craps with 2x odds it looks like this: you bet $10, you could win $20 and hence wager $40 behind. Some casinos offer up to 100x odds. To wager behind is what a good craps player will do and a criteria of a good craps game is how many odds the casino offers you. As the amount of allowed odds increases, the house advantage decreases considerably. When making the odds bet 1x the house edge is 0.85% / 0.68% (pass / don't pass). When making the odds bet 2x the house edge is cut down to 0.61% / 0.45% already.
Odds Off
Odd bets that are "not working". Odd bets can be called "off" by the player at any time, but are left on the felt until the bet is resolved. Also, come odds bets are usually "off" during the come out roll, unless the bettor asks to have the odds bets "working". Come odd bets that are "off" will be returned to the player if the line bet loses on the come out roll. Don't come odds generally work on the come-out roll.
[1] An oral call by a player that certain of his bets will not be working on the next roll of the dice, such as place wagers. [2] A term signifying that certain bets on the layout will not be working on a come-out roll, such as place bets and odds bets on come numbers.
3&2. (32 was O.J. Simpson's football #)
On Base
The term for the dealers other than the stickman.
On the Stick
The term to indicate that a dealer is the stickman.
One Roll Bets
Wagers whose outcome is determined by the very next roll of the dice. Such bets may be made before any roll. These all pay higher than 1:1, This includes "Any craps", "eleven", "seven", "Horn", and "field" bets.
Outside Numbers
The 4, 5, 9, and 10 as place numbers.
Outstanding in your Field
Betting that the next roll will be the total sum of 12 (6&6).
Ozzie and Harriet
Betting that the next roll will be the total sum of 8 (4&4).
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