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In American play, a ball which has cleared a wicket but has not roqueted another ball is alive on that ball. A striker becomes dead on a ball as soon as it hits it and receives a croquet shot and a continuation shot. If the strikers ball is dead on another ball and roquets that ball before deadness is cleared, the balls are replaced to their positions before the shot was made and the turn ends. In the British game, all balls are alive at the start of each players turn.
All-Around Break
Running all the wickets in one turn.
Angle of Divergence
Angle at which balls part when a croquet shot is made. (see: Newtonian Physics).
Angle of Split
On a croquet shot, the angle between two lines, along which the two balls travel. see:Geometry).
The name of the company that manufactured the machine the author used to write this book. Also, the object that fell on Newtons head that began his thinking on what has become known as Newtonian physics. An understanding of Newtonian physics is extremely helpful in understanding the movement of the balls as they are played during the game.
Aunt Emma
A conservative player who wastes talent through dull and uninspired play. This player simply tries to advance from one wicket to the next.
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