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Back Peel
Peeling a ball through its wicket, immediately after running that wicket.
Ball in Hand
A ball that has to be picked up and moved, either before taking croquet or because it has gone out of bounds. Any player may pick up a ball that has roqueted another ball or has gone out of bounds. (see: Etiquette).
On each of the short sides of the yard-line are other unmarked lines, approximately 12 yards in length, known as the Baulk-lines. In British play, these are the starting lines.
Beefy Shot
A long-hard shot.
Being Off Color
The opposite of hitting true.
A shot that can replayed from its original position with no penalty. It offers the lesser experienced player a handicap. A unit of difference between two players handicaps, it is the number of extra turns given to a player with the highest handicap.
Bisque Extraction
Strategy of making your opponent use up his bisques ineffectively or for defensive purposes only.
Extending your turn by using one or more of the other balls. The break results from using other balls to run wickets. This is the basis in croquet strategy as the different breaks: two-, three- and four-ball breaks allow the player to advance through the wickets, ideally in conjunction with his partners ball.
Break Down
To err so that your turn involuntarily comes to an end during the course of a break. This occurs by missing the intended shot or by incurring a penalty.
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