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Cannon Shot
To make a roquet on the same shot as a croquet.
Carrying Through
Following through with your arms leading: the term was coined by Lord Tallemache.
Center Style
Traditional stance with the mallet between your knees.
Also known as clearing, it is the running of a wicket, and therefore removing deadness on all other balls. Having a dirty ball means that the ball may be picked up (ball-in-hand) and actually cleaned upon notification of ones opponents. It is then replaced to its position with no incurred penalty. (exception: see Rover).
The color of each ball, the clips are placed on the next wicket that a ball for. The clips are placed on the top of the wickets through the first six wickets and on the sides for the six back wickets. They are used in tournament play and by the easily confused.
Cold Ball
The roque, the last ball played of your opponent.
Failure of a player to claim a foul within the limits of claims makes the play in question valid, with no foul charged to the striker.
To touch or make contact with another ball. A foul when your your mallet contacts another ball and the turn ends.
Continuation Stroke
The extra stroke earned by running a wicket, and the stroke after making a croquet.
To hit your ball or croquet another ball into a corner for defensive purposes. This shot can also be a tice.
Corner Cannon Shot
Combination of rush and croquet stroke; roqueting a ball after taking croquet from another ball that is in the corner.
Corner Flags
Placed at the four corners of the course.
Corner Pegs
These are placed a yard on each side of the corner flags.
Croquet Shot
The croquet shot is the shot made after a roquet. The strikers ball is placed in contact with the roqueted ball and in taking croquet both balls are sent to their desired positions.
Cross Peg
A leave in which the opponents balls are left straddling the peg, thus preventing a desired shot by your opponent.
Cross Wire
A leave in which your opponents balls are left on each side of a wicket, thus preventing a desired shot by your opponent.
The top part of a wicket.
Crush Shot
Used to jar a ball through a wicket when the ball is laying against the wicket.
Cut Rush
A shot played so that the rushed ball moves off at an angle to the direction of the stroke.
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