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When a strikers ball hits another ball, the striker cannot use that ball until going through the next wicket. The striker is dead on the other ball, after taking the croquet shot.
Deadness Board
Board used to keep track of deadness throughout the game. (see: Equipment).
Delayed Triple Peel
Abandoning a triple peel temporarily, to be resumed later in the turn.
Destroy Shot
A shot taken with the great force in order to send a croqueted ball the furthest distance possible.
Double Banking
Playing two games simultaneously on the same course due to time or space restrictions. The games are completely separate.
Double Elimination
Tournament in which alone two matches before being eliminated.
Double Peel
A ball knocked through two wickets in the same turn, but not not necessarily on the same stroke.
Double Roll
A shot in which the strikers ball rolls the same distance as the roquets ball.
Double Tap
A fault in which the strikers ball is hit twice in the same shot.
Drive Shot
By hitting slightly down on the striker's ball during croquet, the croqueted ball travels approximately 3 times the distance.
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