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Half-Jump Shot
By hitting down on the ball, the striker drives both obstructing and strikers ball through the wicket.
Heisenbergs Uncertainty Principle
In 1907 while at a physics meeting in Copenhagen Werner Heisenberg, one of the foremost physicists of the time, presented the Uncertainty Principle which states that one cannot know both the momentum and the position of a body in motion with any precision. This set quantum mechanics on its ear. Einstein finally accepted this principle many years later.
Hitting True
Hitting the ball with a level swing, as opposed to hitting up or down.
Hong Kong
Archaic term for taking croquet.
The English term for wicket.
Hoop Doc
The therapist or psychiatrist consulted by a player suffering extremes of anxiety associated with wicket-shooting errors.
When ones swing is hindered by a wicket.
Hoop-Running Shot
A shot through the proper wicket.
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