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Pass Roll
A croquet shot in which the strikers ball goes further than the croqueted ball.
Causing another ball to make the wicket.
Peel, Emma
Avenging play.
To interrupt a game, marking the position of the balls and clips, with the intention if resuming later.
Pegged-Out Game
Game in which at least one ball has pegged out.
The next to last wicket.
Pilot Ball
The ball off which a wicket is made in a four-ball break.
Pioneer Ball
In a three- or four- ball break, the ball that is sent forward to the wicket after the one the striker is going for.
Pivot Ball
The middle ball in a four-ball break.
Playing Side
Area in front of the wicket being approached.
Polite Play
An oxymoron.
The same laws of motion apply in croquet that apply in pool (billiards). The major difference between the two is that croquet is played on a much larger table.
It is extremely difficult to predict the outcome of any shot due to the myriad of factors affecting the ball: the very shape, size, weight, surface and compactness of the ball all contribute to how it responds to being stuck by the mallet, the attributes of which must also be figured in the equation: weight, density of the wood or plastic, configuration of the face or hitting surface. Combine with this the state of the course upon which the game is being played, whether or not it is grass or artificial turf, length of the grass, levelness of the overall course, and the weather! Humidity, air density (playing in Denver will be different than in Newport), temperature, wind, sun will all affect how the balls respond. Fortunately, players need to be adaptable from one shot to the next and may be able to just take the shot and not be overly concerned about the individual variables affecting any given game. All players will be affected by the course and weather in the same way on any particular day. (see Chapter on Weather).
A common error in which a hand or a foot leads the swing too much.
Pseudo-Cannon Shot
A three ball croquet shot in which the the croqueted ball moves just a little way out of the corner.
The tendency for the ball to curve inwardly from the line of aim.
Keeping the mallet on the ball for an appreciable amount of time. A legal shot as long as one does not speed up the mallet during the shot.
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