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Reverse Palm Grip
The most popular grip, made with the lower hands palm facing away from the body, and the upper hands palm facing towards the body.
Right of Choice
After a lag or coin toss, the winner has the choice of starting position or choice of balls.
Rigor Mortis
Being dead on all balls, also know as three ball dead or three B D.
Roll Stroke
A croquet shot used to add distance to the striker's ball as well as the croqueted ball, by striking down on the ball rather than a level shot.
When the strikers ball hits another ball, followed by a croquet shot and a continuation shot.
Rover Ball
The rover is a ball that has passed through all the wickets but has not yet pegged out.
Rover Wicket
The last wicket before the peg.
Rush (Long or Short)
A roque shot which sends the roqueted ball in a given direction.
Rush Line
An imaginary line along which a ball is roqueted on a rush shot.
Rush Line Principle
The shot made before an intended rush shot should be taken from a spot on or near the rush line.
Rutledges Handbook of Croquet
English publication (1861) written by Edmund Rutledge, probably the first rule book of the game and, and with adaptations, still governs the game.
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