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A shot played only as a last resort which separates balls that lie too close together.
Sextuple Peel
Part of a plan to finish the game in two breaks, similar to a quadruple peel.
An illegal stroke of guiding the ball through through the wicket with the mallet.
Technique in which the ball is not struck with the center of the mallet: used for cut rushes and awkward wickets.
The angular momentum that a moving object has is determined by mass, size and spin. It is more difficult to stop a merry-go-round than a small top. Civil War soldiers could have their foot taken off while trying to stop a rolling cannon ball because of its momentum.
Split Shot
A croquet shot in which both balls go off at different angles (see Newtonian physics).
Approaching the ball along the line it is to be sent, in order to insure proper aim.
Stepping Stone
When a ball is placed in an advantageous position near a wicket or the peg.
Sticky Wicket
Having a difficult approach to the wicket, or being stuck in the wicket.
Stop Shot
By delivering an upward shot to the strikers ball during a croquet, the croqueted ball is sent a considerable distance and strikers ball barely moves.
Straight Croquet
A shot in which the strikers ball goes half the distance of the croqueted ball.
Straight Triple Peel
Doing three peels with the backward ball making the same three wickets.
The player whose turn it is. Turns are determines by the color of the balls: blue, red, black, yellow (green, orange). A strike is the actual hitting of the ball with the mallet.
Movement of the mallet beginning with the backstroke and ending with the follow-through whether or not the ball is hit.
A ball that is blocking the intended path of the strikers ball.
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