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Take-Off Shot
A croquet shot in which the strikers ball travels a great distance, but the croqueted ball moves very little.
Thick Take-Off
A croquet shot in which the croqueted ball moves further than on a simple take-off and the croqueted ball goes a considerable distance.
Three- Ball Break
Break using three balls, it is the cornerstone of the pegged-out game.
A shot which places a ball in a position in which the opponent is likely to shoot at it, but at a sufficient distance that the shot will be missed. This shot entices the opponent to shoot at it and if missed, places the opponents ball in a disadvantageous position. Tices are meant to be seductive and more often than not end up with unfortunate results.
Two-Ball Break
Break using two balls, it is the most difficult of all the breaks, as it involves shots of the greatest distance.
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