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A metal or wooden plate from which the curler can push off to begin delivery. There are usually two hacks at each end of the rink, for right- and left-handed curlers.
Hack Line
A line, 1.2 meters from the backboards at each end of the rink, that marks the location of the hacks. The front of each hack is on the hack line.
The last stone delivered in an end.
Heavy Ice
Ice on which stones will travel slowly.
A shot which strikes an opponent's stone.
Hit and Roll
See chip and roll.
A stone that doesn't reach the hog line.
Hog Line
A line, 21 feet from the tee, that marks the minimum distance the stone must travel. if it doesn't pass the hog line, the stone is removed from play.
The scoring area, which is marked by a circle, 12 feet in diameter, that contains three smaller concentric circles.
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