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A track race of a specific duration in time, ranging from six hours to six days, for teams of two or three riders. The winner is the team covering the greatest distance in the specified time. Only one rider from each team is on the track at any given time. A rider goes as fast as possible for one or two laps, then leaves the track and is replaced by another member of the team. A unique feature of the Madison is that the rider who leaves the track hurls the teammate into the race by using a special handle in the rear pocket of the teammate's racing shorts. The event is named for Madison Square Garden, where six-day bicycle races originated.
Mass Start
Descriptive of a race in which all the riders start at the same time. Among the types of races that have mass starts are the scratch race, the points race, and the miss-and-out.
Match Sprint
A race, usually of 1 kilometer, in which two riders compete against one another. The match sprint is conducted like a tournament, with the winners of one round of heats advancing to the next round until only two remain to compete for the championship. However, riders who lose in the first heat are often given a second chance, called the repechage.
A type of mass start race in which the last rider across the finish line after each lap or circuit is eliminated. When a predetermined number of riders remain, they take part in a sprint to determine the winner.
A popular type of race in Europe, in which each rider is behind a small motorcycle or moped, which provides a slipstream.
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