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Pace Line
A group of riders, usually in an echelon, who take turns setting the pace so that the others can draft on the leader.
The field.
Pinch Flat
A flat tire caused by hitting an obstacle very hard, so that the inner tube is pinched against the rim.
Pixie Gear
Same as granny gear.
Points Race
This is similar to a scratch race, but points are awarded to the top riders in a series of sprints conducted at various points throughout the race, and the winner is the rider who accumulates the most points.
Pole Line
A yellow line around the inside of a velodrome track that measures the track's length.
To take a turn at the front of a pace line, thus pulling the other riders along.
Push Climb
A portion of a trail where riders have to dismount and push or carry their bikes because of a very steep grade and/or poor traction.
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