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Take a Flyer
See flyer.
Tandem Sprint
The tandem sprint is like a match sprint, but it's ridden on two-man tandem bicycles over a 1,500-meter course.
Team Pursuit
This is similar to the individual pursuit race, except that there are two teams of four riders each. The teams ride in pace lines and the leader changes every half-lap or every lap. Standard distance is 4,000 meters. The team's time is taken when the third rider crosses the finish line, so the fourth rider doesn't have to finish.
Descriptive of a portion of trail that tests a rider's handling skills.
Time Trial
A race in which riders or teams go around the track or course individually and the fastest time wins.
Toe Clips
Clips or straps that securely fasten the rider's feet to the bicycle's pedals.
Track Bike
A very simple bike used for track racing. It has a single-speed gear without freewheeling and there are no brakes.
Track Stand
The act of balancing the bicycle in place, with the feet on the pedals. In the match sprint, riders usually begin with a track stand, because each of them wants the other to set the pace in order to take advantage of the slipstream.
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