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If the horse's shoulders or hindquarters, or any part of the rider's body touches the ground, it is considered a fall, which brings automatic disqualification.
Penalty points added to a score. The most common penalties are: first disobedience: 3 faults second disobedience: 6 faults third disobedience: elimination obstacle knocked down: 4 faults one or both feet in the water: 4 faults fall of the horse or rider: elimination
A vertical obstacle. In show jumping, the maximum height is 1.6 meters, and the fence is often made of materials such as hedges, fake stone, brick, planks, and poles. In the three-day event, the fence is usually less than 1.2 meters high and it's made of natural materials that fit into the terrain.
Figure Eight
An exercise in which the horse traces two connected circles, one clockwise and one counter-clockwise.
Flying Change
A maneuver in the canter in which the horses changes its lead leg at every fourth, third, second, and then single stride, resulting in a skipping movement.
One of a horse's front feet.
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