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A wooden bar or pole, as part of an obstacle.
Failure to jump a fence because the horse stops or tries to run around it. Scored as a disobedience.
A type of western riding in which the rider and horse perform an assigned pattern from memory, demonstrating various figures, stops, and turns at varying speeds.
Acts by a horse that indicate a refusal to continue a round, such as rearing, making a half turn, or stepping back.
Roads and Tracks
Two phases of the cross-country portion of the three-day event, consisting of riding at a measured pace on the flat.
Roll Back
A tight turn performed between two fences.
The series of movements a horse and rider follow in dressage.
An attempt by the horse the escape the rider's control in order to avoid jumping an obstacle.
The short burst of speed put on by a horse in order to clear a jump.
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