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Safety Cup
A cup used on the back rail of a spread fence that releases to drop the rail if struck by the horse.
Training in preparation for competition.
Schooling Area
An area in which horses can be warmed up before a jumping competition.
Show Jumping
An event in which the horse must clear a number of obstacles on a set course within a specified time.
Sliding Stop
A stop in which the horse balances on the back feet while continuing to move the front feet.
Speed and Endurance
The second day's portion of the three-day event, consisting of roads and tracks, steeplechase, and the cross country obstacle course. Also known as the cross-country section.
An obstacle that combines width and height, requiring the horse to jump horizontally as well as vertically.
A pointed device on the rider's boot heel, used to urge a horse forward.
A phase of the speed and endurance portion of the three-day event, in which the horses run over a turf track with several low fences.
A loop or ring hung from the saddle that supports the rider's foot.
Stock Seat
A division of western riding, in which the rider maneuvers the horse through livestock that are to be controlled, moved, or roped.
A single, coordinated movement of all four of the horse's legs, after which the legs return to their starting position.
Unresisting obedience to the rider.
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