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Riding equipment. Short for "tackle."
Take-Off Point
The best point at which a horse should jump in order to clear an obstacle.
Three-Day Event
A major series of tests in dressage, cross-country, and jumping, conducted over a three-day period.
Three-Point Position
The basic riding position, so called because there are three points of contact with the saddle, both legs and the seat.
Time Fault
A penalty for exceeding the time limit; fault is allotted for each second. In a jump-off, the penalty is one fault per second.
A change of pace or movement.
Triple Bar
A jump that has three sets of rails at different heights.
An easy gait in which the horse's legs move alternately in diagonal pairs; i.e., the right front and left rear legs, followed by the left front and right rear legs.
Two-Point Position
The position of the rider for a jump, with the seat out of the saddle and the body positioned forward.
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