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A jump, made with the assistance of the toe pick, on which the takeoff is from the back inside edge of one foot and the landing is on the back outside edge of the other.
Flying Camel
A combination move, a jump spin on which the skater lands in the camel position.
Flying Sit Spin
A combination move on which the skater performs a jump spin, assumes the sitting position in mid-air, and continues with a sit spinafter landing.
At any given moment, a skater is usually skating on one foot and the other is called the free foot. By extension, every other part on that side of the body is called "free," as free shoulder, free hip, free side, etc.
Free Skating
A portion of the competition, 4 or 5 minutes long, in which the skater performs movements, including jumps and spins, that are choreographed to background music.
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