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Invented by Ulrich Salchow, an edge jump on which skater takes off from the back inside edge of one foot and lands on the back outside edge of the other.
Single Axel
An Axel on which the skater performs 1 1/2 revolutions.
Sit Spin
A spin on which the skater "crouches" close to the ice, with the skating leg bent and the other leg extended to the side.
Any move on which the skater glides along the ice on one skate, with the non-skating leg in the air to the rear.
Spiral Sequence
A series of spirals on which the skater traces a pattern over the ice.
Starting Order
The sequence in which skaters will compete, as determined by the draw.
Step Sequence
A series of steps done in rapid succession in time to the music.
A method of gaining speed, seemingly without effort, by pushing off the inside edges in alternation.
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