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A pairs skating move in which the male lifts his partner and throws her away from him. She continues the move with a mid-air spin, landing on one foot.
Toe Loop
A jump, assisted by the toe pick, on which the skater takes off from a back outside edge and lands on the same edge.
Toe Pick
Teeth at the front of each skate blade, often used to assist in jumps and spins.
Toe Rakes
Same as toe picks
Toe Wally
A toe loop on which the takeoff is from the back inside edge instead of the outside edge.
The line formed by the skater's blade on the ice.
Triple Axel
An Axel on which the skater performs 3 1/2 revolutions.
In pairs skating, a spectacular move in which the male lifts and his throws his partner, then catches her on landing after she has performed a double or triple twist in the air.
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