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Call a Play
Instruct players to execute a pre-planned play.
Blocking an opponent below the waist from behind; this illegal block is a personal foul, punishable by a 15-yard penalty.
Complete Pass
A forward pass to a teammate who catches it in the air.
Groups into which teams are divided in professional and college football; the NFL is divided into National and American Conferences.
Controlling the Game Clock
The use of tactics by an offensive team to either save or use up time on the game clock, which often dictates its choice of plays.
Cornerback or Safety Blitz
A blitz package in which the corners or safetys, instead of covering the receivers, rush the quarterback.
Cover or Coverage
Preventing a player from gaining yards; in pass coverage, a defender follows a receiver to prevent him from catching a pass; in kick coverage, members of the kicking team try to prevent a long kick return.
Crossing Route
When a receiver delays a moment at the line and then runs over the middle across the field.
Cut Back
A sudden change in direction taken by a to make it more difficult for defenders to follow and tackle him.
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