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Dead Ball
A ball becomes dead when a play is over and becomes live as soon as it is snapped for the next play.
Dime Package
When the defense replaces two linebackers with defensive backs to increase pass protection or to get a special blitz package.
In the NFL, sub-groups within conferences, such as the Eastern, Central and Western Divisions; also, a grouping of teams in college football, where Division I contains the most competitive teams and Division III the least.
Double Coverage
When 2 defensive players cover one receiver.
One of 4 chances a team on offense has to gain 10 yards; also, the state of a player who has just been tackled; also, a ball that a player touches to the ground in the end zone to get a touchback.
Down the Field
In the direction of the opponent’s goal line.
Draft Choice
A player chosen by a professional sports team from a pool of college players in an annual draft.
The series of plays a team puts together in an attempt to score.
Drop Back
When a quarterback, after taking the snap, takes a few steps backward into the pocket (area of maximum pass protection) to get ready to pass.
Drop Kick
A type of free kick where a player drops the ball and kicks it right after it hits the ground; rarely used today.
Dying Quail
A deflected or poorly thrown ball that resembles a shot waterfowl in flight.
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