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Fair Catch
When a kick returner decides only to catch a punt or kickoff and not advance it, protecting himself from being hit by an opponent; he signals for a fair catch by raising one hand in the air and waving it.
Field Goal
A place kick that passes above the crossbar and between the uprights of the goalpost, earning the team that kicked it 3 points.
Field Position
The location of a team on the field relative to the two goal lines; good field position for a team is near its opponent’s goal line, while bad field position is close to its own goal line.
First Down
The first chance out of 4 that a team on offense has to advance 10 yards down the field; as soon as it gains those yards, it earns a new first down.
Forward Pass
A pass thrown by a team closer to the opponent’s goal line; a team is allowed to throw only one forward pass per play, and it must be thrown from behind the team’s line of scrimmage.
Forward Progress
The location to which a ball carrier has advanced the ball, even if he was pushed backwards after getting there.
A violation of football’s rules by a team or player, punishable by a penalty.
A team; the legal arrangement that establishes ownership of a team.
Free Agent
A player whose contract with his most recent team has expired, allowing him to sign a new contract with any team that makes him an offer.
Free Kick
A type of kick taken to start or restart play after a team has scored a safety, with no defenders nearer than 10 yards away. In kicking style it is essentially a punt.
Frozen Rope
A pass thrown crisply, perfectly straight, and right on target.
When a ball carrier loses possession by dropping the ball or having it knocked away before a play ends; the first player to regain possession of the loose ball is said to make the recovery, and his team becomes the offense.
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