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Pass Defender
A defensive player who covers an opposing receiver.
Pass Patterns or Pass Routes
Pre-determined paths receivers follow to help the passer quickly locate them so he can more easily get them the ball.
Pass Protection
Blocking by offensive players to keep defenders away from the quarterback on passing plays.
Pass Rush
A surge by defenders to get past blockers and sack the quarterback.
Personal Foul
A foul that might cause injury; punishable by a 15-yard penalty.
When two receivers cross and one bumps the defender of the other. This is supposed to be offensive pass interference, but it is seldom called. Also another term for interception.
Picked Off
A lateral tossed from a quarterback to a running back.
Place Kick
A kick towards the goalpost for a field goal or extra point; held between the ground and another player’s finger.
A spurt of action that begins with a snap and ends with a dead ball.
Play Clock
A clock displayed above each end zone that limits the time teams may take between plays to 40 seconds (30 in college); the ball must be snapped before the clock runs down to 0.
Play-Action Pass
A passing play after the quarterback has faked a hand-off.
The post-season tournament that determines the NFL champion.
The area behind the offensive line, where the quarterback is protected by his blockers.
Point-after-Touchdown (Pat)
A place kick taken from the opponent’s 2-yard line; awarded to a team that has scored a touchdown, it is worth 1 point if it goes through the goalpost.
To be holding or in control of the football.
Post Pattern
A long pass play, usually when the wide receivers take off down the sidelines.
Previous Spot
Where the ball was snapped to begin the last play.
Pull Block
When an offensive lineman moves out and blocks a defender on the outside of the play.
When a player 10 yards behind the center catches a snap, drops it and kicks it before it hits the ground; an opponent tries to catch and advance it the other way.
A short orange marker at each of the end zone’s 4 corners.
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