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A player position on both the offensive and defensive lines; there is usually a left and right offensive tackle, and a left and right defensive tackle; See also tackling.
Contacting a ball carrier to cause him to touch the ground with any part of his body except his hands, thereby ending the play.
The half of the field a team protects against its opponents.
The Flat
Areas in the backfield parallel to the quarterback. On a passing play, the quarterback will pass there only when no one down field is open.
When the offense, due to a sack or miscue, finds itself in a third and 15 or longer situation.
When the offense faces a third down and is more than a short running play away from a first down; usually third-and-5 or greater.
When a player who gains possession of a ball in his own end zone kneels to the ground and automatically starts the next play at his own 20-yard line; also awarded if the opponent kicks the ball across the end line.
Touchdown (Td)
When a team crosses the opponent’s goal line with the ball, catches a pass in the opponent’s end zone, or recovers a loose ball in the opponent’s end zone; earns a team 6 points.
The involuntarily loss of possession of the ball during a play, either by a fumble or by throwing an interception.
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