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A mid-air split, in which the skier kicks one leg forward, the other backward, so that the front ski points straight up and the back ski points straight down.
Daffy Twister
A daffy followed by a twister.
Daffy Twister Spread
A sequence of a daffy, a twister, and a spread eagle.
Descriptive of a route taken straight down the fall line.
Double Flip
Two flips done in rapid succession.
Double Front Tuck
A double forward flip in the tuck position.
Double Full
A layout flip with two twists.
Double Full Full Full
A sequence of three flips with four twists, including two on the first flip.
Double Layout
A sequence of two flips in the layout position.
Double Twister
A sequence of two twisters.
Double Twister Spread
A sequence of two twisters followed by a spread eagle.
Drive the Tips
To press the tips of the skis down on the backside of a mogul for better speed control.
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