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Daily Tote Double
A double event in the Totalisator pool operated on the third and fifth races at any meeting. Backer has to forecast, by name, the winner of each of the two races. Unnamed selections, such as favourites, are not accepted.
Daily Tote Treble
A Totalisator pool operated usually on the second, fourth and sixth races at a meeting. Backer has to forecast, by name, the winner of each of the three races. Unnamed selections, such as favourites, are not accepted.
Dead Heat
The result of a race or competition in which two or more entrants finish equal. If your selection dead-heats you receive the full odds divided by the number of winners.
A casino employee who deals the various games.
Debit Bet
Bets accepted by the bookmaker without a cash deposit but which allows the bookmaker to directly debit the gambler's bank account.
When a horse is scratched from a race after betting on that race has already started, deductions are taken out of the win and place bets at a rate in proportion to the odds of the scratched horse.
A compulsive gambler.
District Football Association.
District Hockey Association.
Dime Bet
A $1000 wager.
Dime Line
Slang used to designate the 10 cent money line. The money line difference (10 cents) between what a bettor would lay with the favorite or take back with the underdog; see 10 Cent Line.
Discard Rack
Area of the table where the used cards are placed.
The length of a race: 5 furlongs is the minimum and the 4 1/2 miles of the Grand National the longest. Also, the margin by which a horse wins or is beaten by the horse in front: this ranges from a short head to 'by a distance' (more than 30 lengths); a 'length' is measured from the horse's nose to the start of its tail
The return for a single winning unit usually on the tote but bookmakers also offer dividend prices.
The team perceived to be most likely to lose. See underdog.
Dog Player
A person who usually bets on the underdog.
Dollar Bet
A $100 wager.
Donít Come Bet
A bet placed on the Donít Come Bar. Same rules as the Donít Pass Line, except placed after the come-out roll.
Donít Pass Bet
A wager placed prior to the Come-Out Roll that a seven will be rolled before a point is repeated.
Donít Pass Line
The area on the layout where Donít Pass Bets are placed.
Select the teams or players you believe will win two separate specified events or two parts of the same event, e.g.: Winners of a rugby and league game, or the half and full time leaders in the same game. All bets are placed prior to the first event.
Double Action
An "if bet" that is processed if the precedent bet wins, ties or cancels.
Double Bet
A wager for twice the size of one's usual wager.
Double Carpet
The price of 33-1
Double Header
Two separate baseball games played on the same day for the same two teams.
Double Out
A variation of the "Round Robin" bet, on three selections 3 "Up and Down Double Stakes" bets, a "Round-about" and three doubles and a treble, 13 bets in all.
Double Up
To increase a wager after the first two cards are drawn.
Indicates races at the same meeting
Where competitors in an event finish evenly. Where there is a draw and this is not offered as a betting option, the return will be divided by the number of joint winners. Note that some sports have processes such as extra-time or play-offs to determine an event winner that are included as part of the bet where others are not. This may affect some bets and you should always be sure how an event would be decided in this instance.
When the odds of a horse increase. A drifter is a horse which, for example, is given an opening price of 2-1 but is unfavoured by investors, so its odds are increased to say 4-1 in an effort to attract investors. Drifting is also known as easing.
Money lost.
Divisional Sports Officer.
Domestic Tournament Monitoring Committee.
Due for
A team that is "due for" whether it is a win or a loss; many bettors like to play "due for" situations.
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