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Pakistan Amateur Athletics Federation
Pakistan Amateur Basketball Federation.
Area of the racecourse incorporating the pre-parade ring, parade ring (where horses are paraded before each race) and winner's enclosure
The flat paddle used on the baccarat tables to scoop the cards.
A betting system in which the amount of money paid out to winners is based upon the total pool of bets.
A bet with two or more teams where all the teams must win for the bettor to be successful. 2-team parlay pay 13-5 odds. 3-team parlay pay 5-1 odds. 4-team parlays pay 8-1 odds.
Parlay Cards
Wagers on a minimum of 3 and up to 15 propositions; the more you pick, the higher the payoff.
Pakistan Amateur Swimming Federation.
Pass Line
The area where a Pass-Line Bet is placed.
Pass-Line Bet
A wager made prior to the come-out roll that a point will repeat.
Past Performance
What has occurred previously to the forthcoming games.
Past Post
To place a wager after an event has started
3 selections, 7 bets - 3 singles, 3 doubles, 1 treble.
Pakistan Amateur Wrestling Federation.
Payoff Odds for Side/Straight Bets
For football, basketball, and hockey the payoff is $100 for every $110 wagered, unless otherwise noted. Therefore, $110 will be wagered if you specify a $100 straight bet.
Payoff Odds for Totals or Over/Under Bets
For football and basketball the payoff is $100 for every $110 wagered, unless otherwise noted.
Pakistan Boxing Federation.
Pakistan Cricket Board.
Pen Register
A device attached to a telephone line that maintains a record of each number dialed.
Penny Line
A money line that is adjusted in increments of a penny, or one cent at a time.
Bookmakers set their odds according to percentages, the lower the percentage, the better deal the punter is getting. To calculate the percentage each price is worth, add a point and divide into 100. So 3/1 becomes four into 100, equals 25. A perfectly round book, with each price representing the true chance, would total 100. A book totalling 125 would be 25 percent over-round and give bookmakers a theoretical profit of 20 percent (25 divided by 125). In general, the bigger the field, the more the percentage favours the bookmakers.
Short for permutation. It means a group of all of the possible outcomes.
It is possible to 'perm' bets or selections. For example, if you made 3 selections, (x, y and z) you could perm all the possible doubles. In this case 3 individual bets would be possible; xy, xz, and yz, a total of 3 bets or lines. Similarly, with 4 selections, (w, x, y and z) the possible doubles could again be permed and would become wx, wy, wz, xy, xz and yz; now 6 individual bets or lines.
Professional Golfers' Association.
Pakistan Hockey Federation.
Phone Betting
A service enabling punters to bet on horses with bookmakers by using telephones.
Phone Tab
Another phone betting service, provided by a totalisator which allows people with special betting accounts to place bets via the telephone. Much the same as a bank account, you must have a credit balance to be able to place a bet. The cost of the investment is debited from your account, and winning dividends and refunds are automatically credited to your account.
Occasionally, there will be no favorite on a game. In this instance the game is said to be a pick and you can bet 10/11 (bet $110 to win $100) on either team.
Pick 'em
When neither team is favored. Also called a "pick."
Pick or Pick'em
A game where neither team is favored
Pick or Pick'em Game
A game where neither team is favored.
A game with no favorite (the straight-up winner also would win bets)
Pick'em Game
Neither team is favored. Take your pick and lay 11 to 10.
An uneducated, naive, or unsophisticated gambler.
Place Bet
A bet on the selection being placed, i.e. coming second or third (or fourth depending on the number of participants). UK bookies usually offer each way rather than place bets.
Place Getter
Typically the competitors finishing first, second and third in an event. In some events the number of places paid may vary.
Refers to a selection coming second, third or fourth in an event. The positions which are considered to be placed depends on the size of the field (e.g. in a race with only 5-7 participants, only second and third count as placed). The odds for bets on selections being placed is usually calculated as a fraction of the odds to win (e.g. in the race referred to above, second and third get odds at a quarter of the winning price)
Horse which usually runs in selling races
A bettor, or gambler
Related to backed off the map. The numerous substantial investments made on such a horse are referred to as a betting plunge.
Dice term for the number rolled on the come-out roll if a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. The point has to be repeated before a seven rolls for the Pass Line bets to win.
Point Spread
The handicap, or head start, which the favorite gives to the underdog for betting purposes. The amount of points the bettor must give to take on any given game. A form of handicapping in which odds makers predict how many points one team needs against another in order to even out the public betting on a particular game.
Points Start
Punter concedes or receives a start designed to make an event a more even betting proposition. Also known as Line Betting.
The pointspread - also called "the line" - is used as a margin to handicap the favorite team. The oddsmaker - also called the handicapper - "gives" points (or goals) to the underdog - for betting purposes only. The bettor must take either the favorite or the underdog. The favorite is always indicated by a minus sign (e.g. -8.5) and the underdog by a plus sign (e.g.+8.5). For betting purposes, the outcome of the game is determined by taking the actual game score and finding the difference between the scores of the two teams playing (called the pointspread or just the "spread"). For example - The Green Bay Packers are 8 point favorites over the Miami Dolphins (an 8 point spread shown as -8 beside Green Bay on our "lines" page). If the final score is Green Bay 20 Miami 13, then the actual game score "spread" is 7 points (20 minus 13). In our example if you took Miami (called the "dog"), you would win the bet since Green Bay had to win by 9 points or more to "cover the spread." Green Bay needed 2 more points to "cover" since if the game landed right on the "spread" of 8 points it would be called a "push" (similar in concept to a tie in Moneyline wagering, which is also called a push) and it would be "no action" (no bet and money held in your account to cover the wager is released back into your available balance). If the "spread" is put in at a half point (eg. -8.5 for the favorite Green Bay) by the Sportsbook handicappers then there can be no "push." In this case, there is "action" at any final game score pointspread. In a pointspread, you must wager $11 to win $10 ($21 is returned to the winner). 10/11 is the standard for pointspread bets on most sports.
A pool is a sum of many collected as bets on a horse race. It is intended to be distributed amongst those punters that successfully wagered on the podium places.
Post Time
The scheduled starting time.
A contest cancelled for any reason and rescheduled at a later date.
Power Rating
A number created by a handicapper on the basis of the strength of a particular team.
Practical Hold Percentage
The amount won by a bookmaker divided by the total amount booked.
[1] To bet a larger amount than usual.

[2] To increase the bet.
Noun ~ The quoted odds for an event to happen (like a horse to win)
Price Maker
An odds maker.
An oddsmaker.
The odds are an indication of what the odds layer thinks is the probability of a participant winning an event. If you were to add up the probabilities of each participant they have to total exactly 100% (one participant - but only one - must win). You can calculate the probabilities from the odds (there’s an example table below). To calculate the percentage, divide 100 by the sum of the two parts of the ratio and then multiply the result by the second part of the ratio. For 11-4 this works out as 100 divided by 15 (11 plus 4) equals 6.666. This multiplied by 4 gives 26.67 Converting the odds to percentages is particularly useful for calculating the overround.
Proposition Bet
A wager on a particular aspect of the game. These bets are usually exotic bets like which quarterback will complete the most touchdown passes, which team will score the last points in a game, or which will complete the longest fieldgoal. Many prop bets are offered at 11-10 odds, but some will be offered at better or worse odds, depending on the bet.
Professional Squash Association.
Puck Line
Mainly used on East Coast with hockey, giving odds of a goal spread instead of Canadian Line where both a goal spread and money line is played
Hockey combines both a handicap/spread and odds. This is called the Puckline. Sample line: Boston +1 (-110) Detroit -1.5 (-110) The favorites are the Detroit Red Wings, who are giving the Boston Bruins 1.5 goals. To win the bet, Detroit would have to win the game by 2 goals. When placing this bet you are getting even money, which means that for every $110 you wager, you will win $100. If you are betting on Boston, you will receive a 1.0 goal handicap, meaning that if Detroit wins by 1 goal the game is a push. If the game ends in a tie or Boston wins, then you win the bet. The odds again are at -110.
A slang word used to indicate the game of hockey.
Another term for bet or wager.
Another term for investor. A person who places bets.
Punters Clubs
Clubs set up by racing clubs and other organisations which allow punters the chance to invest money into a pool, which will then be utilised by an industry person to make large bets on selected races at a meeting. A dividend will be declared for each share purchased by an investor.
The underdog.
If the result of a game lands exactly on the pointspread or is a tie in the case of betting a moneyline, or if the exact score of the game matches exactly the Sportsbook's posted game total (Total), then the game is a "Push" or "No Action" and all wagers are released back to the Available Account Balance .
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