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The most famous of the non-conforming flexible-face drivers. Manufactured by Callaway Golf, E.R.C. are the initials of the company’s founder, Ely Reese Callaway.
Two strokes under the designated par for a hole. Also used as a verb, as in, "He eagled the ninth hole."
Early Flash
Was near the front in early stages of race.
Early Trouble
Encountered bumping in first half of race.
Easy Out
Threaded steel rod inserted into a shaft broken off at the hosel. The threads lock onto the shaft, making it removable after the application of heat. See also “Shaft Extractor.”
An individual stroke play game comprising a defined number of rounds. At the end of the series each of the competitors records his best score of the series at each hole.
Effective Loft
He actual face angle at impact created through the relationship of loft and face angle. For example, if a driver has a measured loft of 8 degrees and has a two-degree open face, its effective loft will be @6 degrees.
An iron club giving distance of between 115-150 yards. Also called a pitching niblick.
Material used in the formation of golf balls, particularly by Titleist™. Also, a variety of material used in the manufacture of Winn™ grips.
Elastomer™ Ring
A piece of polymer material used to surround the inner cavity of certain models of irons, notably Lynx Black Cat™ models. The ring is used for cosmetic and acoustic purposes according to Lynx.
Electric Screw Extractor
A tool with two electrically charged electrodes that, when placed in contact with a soleplate or face insert screw, makes the screw easier to remove due to its heat melting the epoxy holding the screw in place.
Emery Cake
Type of compound used, along with an unstitched buffing wheel, to remove deep nicks and scratches from a steel surface. It is considered to have heavy cutting action.
End Cap
He end of the grip of a golf club. Also the plastic or rubber cap used in certain leather and Winn wrap grip applications. The same as “Butt Cap.”
Two-part adhesive used to secure golf shafts to heads, among other clubmaking operations. See also “24-Hour Cure Epoxy”, “Quick-Set Epoxy” and “Five-Minute" Epoxy.”
Anything that is used by a player or is carried or worn. His ball in play is not included
Escape Turn
The turn or curve at which the mechanical lure disappears after the race is over.
Held practically the same position throughout.
To hit the ball from sand using a steeply lofted club with the club hitting into the sand behind the ball and spraying a large amount of sand.
Explosion Shot
A shot out of a sand trap that takes a great deal of sand with it.
Extending Shafts
The process of using a piece of material inserted into the shaft to make the club longer. The portion of the extender inside the shaft holds it in place (with epoxy), while the portion sticking out of the shaft butt will make the club longer, up to 1 ˝”. The extension may be made of wood, steel, aluminum or graphite.
Same as press.
Extra Hole
A hole played after a regulation round or match to break a tie.
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