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The area for spectators, alongside the fairways and around the green; by extension, the spectators themselves.
Hung on to win by a narrow margin.
Gave Way
Tired and fell back rapidly.
Gear Effect
The effect, caused by face bulge, that tends to cause a ball hit toward the toe or heel side of face center to curve back to the intended target line.
A putt that is certain to be made on the next shot and will most likely be conceded by an opponent.
Glanz Wach (Wax)
Compound used along with a buffing wheel to create a high luster finish on a polyurethane coated wood or metal wood.
Go to School
To learn how a putt will break by watching another player's putt along approximately the same line.
An obsolete slang term meaning a hard-hit putt that holes out.
Going Away
Steadily drawing away from the field.
The game. Played by playing a ball from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the Rules of Golf.
Golf Glove
A glove generally worn by a right-handed golfer on the left hand, and by a left-handed golfer on the right hand, to improve the grip.
Goose Neck
Descriptive of a club on which the neck is slightly curved, so that the heel is offset from the line of the shaft.
Having the neck of a club curved so that the heel is slightly offset from the line of the shaft.
General term given to a putter (or iron) that has an extremely offset hosel.
A shrub primarily found on linkland type courses. It is a spiny evergreen with bright yellow flowers. Same as whin.
Grading System
Method of assuring greyhounds compete against racers of similar caliber; grades are assigned according to performance, with the top grade being “A”. Some tracks use a grade AA.
The direction in which the grass on the putting surface grows, and therefore the direction in which it lies after it has been cut short.
Grand Slam
Golf's modern Grand Slam comprises four major tournaments: the British Open, the U.S. Open, the PGA Championship, and the Masters.
A synthetic material used for shaft and head production. It is produced through a series of heating steps to make soft, black carbon graphite filaments. Graphite fibers may differ greatly in strength and modulus.
Graphite Shaft Remover (Extractor)
Generic term given to any one of a number of tools designed to remove a graphite shaft from a steel or titanium head without damaging either head or shaft.
A hard-hit shot that follows a very low trajectory.
In the official rules, the entire golf course is called the green. However, the term is commonly used to mean the putting green, or putting surface, on a given hole.
Green Committee
Members of a golf club who are responsible for the maintenance and management of the course.
Green Fee
The charge made by the course to allow the player to use the course.
Green Jacket
The prize awarded to the winner of the Masters Tournament.
Type of premium wood used for shaft material on clubs in the late 1800’s. Identified by its green tint.
The employee of the club who is responsible for the maintenance of the course.
Adjacent to the putting green.
Greyhound Hall of Fame
A museum and shrine to the greats of the sport. Located in Abilene, Kan.
The part of the shaft by which the club is held. Covered with leather or other material. Also means the manner in which you hold the club
Grip Collar
Plastic collar used to secure the bottom of a leather or Winn grip in place on the shaft.
Grip Core
The internal diameter of a grip as measured in thousandths. For example, a grip with a .600” core is called an M60 grip.
Grip Gauge
Aluminum or plastic gauge used to determine a shaft or grip diameter. It sees limited use in most shops as it only has a few specifically sized openings used for identification.
Grip Mouth
The opening at the small end of the grip. The mouth will have a code (i.e., M60) indicating the size of the grip (men’s grip for a .600” shaft.)
Grip Rip
Tool used to quickly remove a grip. The grip to be removed is pulled through the Grip Rip for fast and efficient removal.
Grip Tape
Also known as “two-way tape” or “double-sided tape”, special tape that is adhesive on both sides. Applied to the shaft, one side holds the tape to the shaft; the other, when activated with solvent, secures the grip to the shaft. May be 3/4” or 2” wide.
Grit Edge Blade
Type of blade installed in a hacksaw that is used to cut graphite shafts without splintering them.
1) The path through which the club travels in a consistently repeated swing; 2) Linear scoring on the face of a club.
The total number of strokes taken on a round, before the player's handicap is deducted to determine the net score.
Gross Score
The actual number of strokes taken by a player for hole or round before the player's handicap is deducted
Ground Line
The term given to the flat surface on which a club head is placed to measure its specifications. It is the line running form the club face to back, perpendicular to the shaft centerline. Ground line may be loosely interpreted to mean the position the club is placed in on the ground as the player address a shot on the course as well.
Ground the Club
To touch the head of the club to the ground behind the ball at address.
Ground Under Repair
Any part of the course being repaired is ground under repair. A ball that lands in such an area must be removed without penalty.
Grounding the Club
The placement of the club behind the ball at address. Not allowed in a hazard. -Top
Dark, almost black, finish applied to the surface of iron heads for either cosmetic reasons or to prevent rusting of a carbon steel head.
Gur (Ground Under Repair)
Areas marked by the greens staff or a committee from where a drop can be taken without penalty.
Gutta Percha
Material used in the manufacture of early golf balls. It was a hard, molded substance made from the sap of several types of Malaysian trees. These balls were in use from 1848 until the early 1900's.
Gutta-Percha (Guttie)
Type of ball, introduced circa 1850, made of a rubber-like material (gutta-percha). The ball replaced the featherie due to its longer life and greater distance.
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