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Introduced in the early 1970s, this is the most popular type of dimple pattern in use today. The pattern arranges the dimples into 20 triangular groups, allowing the same air pressure on all parts of the balls as it flies through the air, reducing wind resistance.
Identifying the Ball
Each player has the responsibility to know the make and number of the ball and identically marked balls should not be used in the same group. Some players mark their balls with special marks so that the ball can be clearly identified with theirs on the course. -Top
The moment when the ball strikes the club.
Descriptive of the second nine holes of the course, since the golfer is generally moving in toward the clubhouse when playing those holes. See also out.
In and Out
Greyhound moves from inside to outside throughout the race.
In Play
The ball is in play as soon as the player has made a stroke in the teeing ground. It remains in play until the player has holed out, except when it goes out of bounds, is lost, is lifted, or is replaced by another ball in accordance with the rules.
In the Leather
Descriptive of a ball that lies no farther from the hole than the length of the leather wrapping on the player's grip. In friendly competition, players often agree to concede such putts.
In the Money
A first, second or third-place finish.
The common shaft-to-head installation in which the shaft penetrates into the hosel. Used on woods, irons and putters.
Each hole has a stroke index and a match index. The stroke index usually represents the difficulty of the hole with number 1 being the hardest. The match index is used for handicap matchplay.
Area surrounded by the oval track.
Injection Molding
A method of manufacture (typically involving wood heads and face inserts) in which the material (ABS, epoxy, graphite, etc.) comprising the head is heated to a liquid state and injected under pressure into a mold. When the material hardens, it takes the shape of the mold into which it was injected.
Inland or in Play
Within the course (not out of bounds).
Inset Hosel
A club design which moves the position of the hosel toward the center of the club face in an attempt to reduce head twisting. The United States Golf Association (USGA) Rule lists a maximum inset of 0.625 or 16 millimeters above the horizontal plane on which the club is resting in its normal address position.
Descriptive of the ball closest from the hole, or of the golfer whose ball it is. The opposite of away.
Intended Line
The line you expect the ball to travel after hit.
Intentional physical contact which obstructs or impededs the running of a dog.
Intentional and unusual physical contact which obstructs or impedes the running of another greyhound as determined by the judges. After being called for interference, a greyhound must run in two schooling (non-wagering) races before racing in an official race.
Interlocking Grip
A type of grip where the little finger of the left hand is intertwined with the index finger of the right hand for a right handed player. The converse applies to a left hander.
A club with a metal head. The irons are numbered 1 through 9. As the number increases, the face of the club becomes larger and more lofted. The wedge is also an iron, which has the greatest loft of all.
Iron Byron
Device that simulates the swing of a golfer (Byron Nelson) used by the USGA and major equipment companies for the testing of clubs and balls. Iron Byron will be replaced by other testing means in 2001in USGA testing.
Interstate Wagering. Wagering which takes place between tracks located across state lines.
Intertrack Wagering. Wagering between tracks located within the same state.
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