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Keel Sole
The sole of a wooden or metal wood that is "V" shaped and designed to lower the club's center of gravity to assist in getting the ball airborne from a less than perfect lie.
A business that cares for and races greyhounds under contract with one or more tracks.
A synthetic fiber manufactured by DuPont™ used in shaft and head production. It is known for its high energy absorbing characteristics, but is a lower modulus material and has limited compression properties.
An erratic or unpredictable bounce, usually caused by the ball's hitting an object or landing in unusual topography.
Kick Point
The point of maximum bending of a shaft as measured by deflecting the tip end while the butt remains stationary.
Kill the Ball
To hit a long shot.
Knocked Back
Forced back after encountering trouble.
Decorative engraving or stamping on the hosel of an iron club. Knurling may consist of a series of lines or “X’s” near the top of the hosel and is strictly a cosmetic addition to an iron.
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