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M1 Bore
The bore type in a wood in which there is 1 ˝” from the ground line to the point at which the shaft bottoms out in the hosel. May also be called “standard bore” or “metal wood bore.”
M2 Bore
Type of wood bore in which the shaft bottoms out in the hosel 1” from the ground line.
Any greyhound that has not won an official race and is less than 2 years old, a graded maiden.
Make the Cut
To qualify for the final rounds of a tournament by scoring well enough in the beginning rounds
A type of putter head identified by its broad appearance from front to back when positioned at address. The Ram Zebra™ was one of the first popular mallet style putters.
A tapered steel rod around which composite materials are wrapped when making a shaft.
Maraging Steel
An alloy or family of steels with unique properties. Typically maraging steels are harder than are non-maraging steels such as 17-4 and 15-5. Maraging steel is commonly used in club face applications, rather than in entire club heads.
1) An object that marks the forward limits of the teeing ground. 2) A scorer in stroke play, often a fellow competitor. 3) A ball marker 4) A rating marker.
The objects placed at the teeing round that indicate the area in which players must tee their balls.
A person appointed by a tournament committee to keep order and handle spectators.
Lofted iron club that was introduced in the 1880's and is no longer in use. Used for pitching with backspin. Another name for the number 5 iron.
Mashie Iron
Antique club identification equal to modern #4 iron.
Mashie Niblick
Antique club identification given to modern #7 iron.
An iron club that had less of a loft than a mashie. Used for driving and full shots through the green. Another name for the number 4 iron.
An iron club, no longer in use, with a loft somewhere between that of a mashie and a niblick. Club was used for pitching. Another name for the number 6 iron.
The exact replica (typically made from brass or aluminum) of a wood, iron or putter head from which all heads will be duplicated.
Match Play
A competition in which each hole is a separate contest and victory goes to the player or team winning the most holes. If both contestants get the same score on a hole, it is said to have been halved. A player or team that has won one more hole than the opponent is said to be "one up." If the lead becomes more than the number of holes remaining, the match is over. For example, if a player is three up with two holes to play, he or she wins, and the final score is expressed as "three and two," or "3-2."
As in a matched set of clubs. Clubs designed and made in a graded, numbered series and with consistent specifications and swing-weights.
A program of racing held during the afternoon hours.
Maxwell Hose
Hosel design of antique wooden shafted clubs in which the hosel has holes drilled in it to reduce weight.
A lush grassland course.
Medal Play
A competition decided by the overall number of strokes used to complete the round or rounds. Same as "stroke play".
The player who has the lowest qualifying score in a tournament.
Any number of mylar and urethane type units which are affixed commonly in the cavities of woods or putters, but may also appear on metal woods. The units are designed for cosmetic purposes, enhancing the attractiveness of the club heads.
A plating applied to heads that is designed to prevent corrosion. The plating gives the heads a black appearance.
Type of turn-of-the-century ball made from gutta-percha characterized by a pattern of intersecting lines on the cover.
Met Interference
Victim of a dog who interfered.
Metal Matrix Composite (Mmc)
Any of a number of alloys used to produce either a golf club head or a shaft.
Metal Wood Bore
The bore configuration of a type of metal wood head in which the standard distance form the groundline to the bottom of the bore is 1 1/2".
Mid Iron
Antique club identification equal to modern #2 iron.
Mid Mashie
Antique club identification given to modern #3 iron.
An obsolete iron club that had more loft than a driving iron. Now sometimes applied to the No. 2 iron.
An obsolete iron club that had more loft than a mid-iron. Now sometimes applied to the No. 3 iron.
An obsolete wooden club with a loft between that of the long spoon and the short spoon.
Midsize Wood
Any wood that approximates a 185cc size.
Milled Face
A club face, usually on a putter, that has, on a specialized machine, its face milled to .001” for flatness. The concept that a flatter face will promote smother roll is embraced by a majority of golfers.
Mirror Finish
See High Polish Finish.
To use the wrong club for the shot.
To putt wrongly. To not read the green correctly.
Mixed Foursome
A foursome in which each side has a male and a female player.
Model Swing
A totally professional swing.
The measure of a fiber’s stiffness or resistance to bending. The higher the modulus, the stiffer the material.
Moisture Cure Polyurethane
Type of polyurethane that relies on moisture in the air for its curing properties. Considered difficult to use because of this, moisture cure polyurethane is characterized by its clear, high-gloss appearance after application.
Moment of Inertia (Moi)
The resistance to twisting of any golf club head when that head is impacted off-center.
Brand name for a weighted golf swing training aid popularized by PGA Tour players, among them David Duval.
An alloy of rustless metal used for club heads in the early part of the 20th century.
Adhesive, rope-like material used to form a dam around the face insert of a wooden wood prior to using pour in place insert epoxy.
To hit a shot poorly.
In casual play, a golfer who hits a poor tee shot is sometimes allowed to take a second shot without penalty. The second shot is called a "mulligan." It's usually allowed only on the first tee. See also shapiro.
Multi-Layer Ball
Design of a ball in which a large core comprises most of the ball. The core is then surrounded by one or two outer layers of material, with one of those being the cover.
Multi-Material Shaft
A shaft that is comprised of a graphite (composite) portion as well as a steel portion. Such a two-piece shaft establishes unique bending properties when compared to a typical one-material shaft.
Eneric term given to any golf club that has two or materials in its composition. For example, a stainless steel iron with brass sole eights is considered to be a multi-metal iron
Municipal Course
A public course owned by local government.
Muscleback Iron
See Blade Style Iron.
Mutuel Handle
The amount of money wagered.
A wire, leather or plastic device, with a white tip, which is fitted over the greyhound's mouth and jaws and used to aid in photo finishes.
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