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A type of competition in which a point is awarded for winning the first nine holes, another point for winning the second nine, and a third point for winning the entire 18-hole round. Each point usually represents a separate bet.
The tapered projecting part where the shaft of the club joins the head.
A player's score after the handicap is subtracted from the gross score.
Net Score
The total number of shots taken after the handicap is deducted from the gross score.
Never Headed
Same as box to wire, all the way.
Never Prominent
Uneventful race, did not challenge leaders or other dogs.
Never Varied
Consistent style and/or speed throughout race in back of pack.
National Greyhound Association made up of greyhound owners, breeders and trainers; recognized as a registry for racing greyhounds in the United States.
An iron with a round heavy head, used for getting out of bunkers. Correct usage: "Pass me the niblick so I can get off the beach." Incorrect usage: "May I niblick on your shoulder, baby?"
Archaic term for the #7 iron
Ype of shaft, developed by Rapport Composites, which utilizes a filament wound longer (main body) portion and a sheet wrapped tip section to tightly control bend and flex point.
Trong face material often used along with stainless steel metal woods. It is lighter and stronger than typical 17-4 stainless steel.
A nine hole course or the sequence of 9 holes of an 18 hole course.
Nine Iron
An iron club giving a distance of between 105 and 140 yards for men's clubs. See "Niblick".
Nineteenth Hole
The bar at the clubhouse.
No Factor
Never a real contender in the race.
No Mishaps
Did not have trouble or excuse.
Non-Conforming Ball
Any ball that does not meet the requirements as set forth in Appendix III of the USGA Rules of Golf.
Non-Conforming Club
A club whose construction does not allow it to be played in any event (either professional, amateur or club-level) as sanctioned by USGA Rules. This includes any round of golf that will be used when establishing or maintaining a USGA handicap.
Non-Conforming Club (Driver) List
A comprehensive listing of clubs (particularly drivers) that do not meet the USGA equipment requirements for one reason or another. The list, updated regularly, is available at www.usga.org.
The slimmest margin of victory.
Nylon Deburring Wheel
Attachment (approximately 5 in diameter) to a bench grinder or similar machine that is used to remove small bits of metal from a golf club head or shaft tip. Commonly used to remove any sharp edges from steel shafts during through-bore reshafting procedures.
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