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O.P. Smith
Owen Patrick Smith, inventor of a revolutionary mechanical lure, circa 1912, that could travel around a circular track; considered the “Father” of American greyhound racing.
An official who watches golfers, usually on a specific section of the course, and reports any breach of rules to the referee.
Any artificial object that has been left or placed on the course with the exception of course boundary markers and constructed roads and paths.
Pattern of dimples on a ball comprised of four straight rows of dimples around the middle of the ball, with four around each pole. Small triangular arrays of dimples fill the remaining area on the ball. This creates 8 triangular groupings of dimples on the ball. This pattern was the predominant pattern prior to the 1970’s. The pattern may also be called attihedral.
Oem (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
A golf club company that, as its main concern, sells completed clubs either on the wholesale level or to the general public.
Off Slow
Broke several strides behind the rest of the field.
A poor hit.
Official Swingweight Scale
A type of swingweight scale that uses a 12” fulcrum as its measuring point, providing balance in ounces and total weight in ounces or grams. Not typically used in many shops.
The distance from the forward most point of the hosel to the leading edge of the blade. Offset will help a player who slices to align the club face with the target, thus reducing the slice. Offset may also have the effect of producing a higher ball flight.
Momentarily loses natural stride.
Oil Modified Polyurethane
Type of polyurethane used by most clubmakers, it cures from the bottom layer of finish to the top. Characterized by its slight amber color, it requires no special humidity-controlled conditions.
One Up
Used in match play to mean having scored one hole more than your opponent. Also, the score of the player who is one up.
An iron club with a loft of approximately 17 degrees, lie of approximately 56 degrees and length of 39 inches. Men's clubs give a distance of between 185 and 220 yards. Also called a driving iron.
To hole the ball using only one shot on the green.
Alternate name given to the driver. open A tournament in which both amateurs and professionals are allowed to play.
Onset (Negative Offset)
The design of a head in which the leading edge of the blade or face is forward of the leading edge of the hosel.
Out of picture. Too far back to be in photo filmstrip.
A tournament to which both amateurs and professionals are admitted.
Open Stance
The left foot is dropped behind the imaginary line of the direction of the ball. This allows the golfer to face more in the direction the ball is going to travel.
Descriptive of the first nine holes of the course, since the golfer is generally moving away from the clubhouse when playing those holes. See also in.
Out of Bounds
The area outside of the course in which play is prohibited. A player is penalized stroke and distance. That is he must replay the shot with a penalty of one stroke.
Held stride but was run down by others finishing stronger.
Unable to keep up with the rest of the field.
Outside Agency
Any agency not part of the match or, in stroke play, not part of the competitor's side. Among outside agencies are observers, forecaddies, markers, and the referee.
Type of shaft-to-head assembly in which the shaft fits over a post protruding from the head. Not nearly as common as in-hosel assemblies, over-hosel applications are used on irons and putters only.
Overall Weight
Also known as total weight or static weight, total weight is the weight of the entire assembled club as expressed in ounces or grams.
To use a club that results in too much distance.
Overhanging Ball
A ball which comes to rest sitting on the lip of the hole. Ten seconds are allowed before another stroke must be played to get it into the hole. -Top
Overlapping Grip
As used by a right-handed player having the little finger of the right hand overlapping the space between the forefinger and second finger of the left hand. The opposite for a left-handed player.
Oversize Iron Head
The generic name given to any number of iron heads larger than standard. A standard iron has a blade height of approximately 43 millimeters and a blade length of 75 mm.
Oversize Shaft Tip
An iron shaft with a tip larger than .370” or a wood with a tip larger than .335”. certain manufacturers claim that larger tip diameter shafts will assist in the stabilization of club heads, especially on off-center impacts.
Oversize Wood Head
A wood head having a volume between 200 and 250 cc’s
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