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The area of lockout kennels, scales and inspection area.
Two golfers who are playing together in stroke competition. As a verb, to assign golfers to play together, as in, "The tournament committee paired Nicklaus and Palmer."
Groups of two players.
The number of strokes, designated for each hole, that represents a standard of good performance. The par figures for individual holes are added up to represent par for a course. Par is generally based on the length of a hole from the tee to the green, although adjustments may be made for configuration of the ground, severity of hazards, and other difficult or unusual conditions. See the following entries.
Par 3
A par 3 hole is up to 250 yards in length for men, 210 yards for women.
Par 4
A par 4 hole is 250 to 471 yards in length for men, 211 to 400 yards for women.
Par 5
A par 5 hole is more than 470 yards in length for men, more than 401 yards for women.
Par Competition
A game in which play is against a fixed score for each hole (called the par or bogey). Scoring is as in match play with plus 1 if the player scores better than par, equal if he scores par and minus 1 if more than par. The player with the highest aggregate score is the winner.
Parallel Tip Section
Section of shaft toward the tip that exhibits one constant diameter up to the first step.
Parallel Tip Shaft
The type of shaft construction in which the shaft has one constant diameter in its tip section. .370” is a common tip size for parallel tip iron shafts, while .335” is common for wood shafts. Parallel tip shafts can often be used in any club in a set; the same shaft can be used to assemble a #1 iron or an SW. Parallel tip shafts are favored by clubmakers, although a number of OEM’s use them as well.
Means “betting among ourselves.” Type of wagering system at greyhound, thoroughbred, harness and jai alai facilities.
A course laid out in grassland with little rough.
One of two or more players on the same side in a match.
Old Scottish term meaning cunning or tricky.
Pebax (Shore D Pebax)
Roprietary insert material for putters developed by TaylorMade.
A tee.
One or two shots added to the gross score for infringement of the rules.
Penalty Stroke
An additional stroke that's added to a player's score because of a rules violation. See also stroke and distance.
Perimeter Weighting
The design concept of redistributing the weight on the head to the heel and toe in an attempt to stabilize the club on all types of impacts.
A material with which to manufacture wooden woods. Woods made from persimmon are made from one solid block of wood. Persimmon woods, while once very popular in the 1960’s and before, have lost favor to metal woods. Persimmon woods are considered to be the “best” type of wooden woods produced and demand a premium price as a result. Persimmon is still being manufactured today, most notably by Louisville Golf in Louisville, Kentucky.
Professional Golfers Association
Phillips Head Screw
Type of screw, as identified by its head pattern, used on certain soleplates and wooden wood face insert screws. Phillips screws are identified by their radiused screw pattern and blunt edges.
Pick Up
To take up the ball before holing out. In stroke play, picking up incurs disqualification. In match play, it concedes the hole to the opponent.
Nickname for the ball.
Same as "flagstick"
Pin Placement
The location of the hole on a putting green. During a tournament, pin placement generally changes from one day to the next.
Pin Position
The position of a hole on a putting green on any given day.
A ball even with the pin but off to one side. Same as "hole high"
Pinched Back
Squeezed back by other dogs and could not make progress.
A variation of play in which a partner plays the other partner's drive. One ball is then selected to finish the hole
The official who is responsible for pin placement.
A short shot lofting the ball into the air in a high arc and landing with backspin
Pitch and Putt
A short golf course designed primarily for approaching and putting.
Pitch and Run
The same as a pitch shot but hit with a lower-numbered club to reduce loft and backspin. This allows the ball to run after it lands on the putting green.
Former name for a 7 or 8 iron.
Pitching Irons
The short irons.
Pitching Niblick
Obsolete name for the No. 8 iron.
Pitching Wedge
An iron with a heavy flange, designed primarily for hitting pitch shots.
The rotation of the shoulders, trunk and pelvis during the golf swing.
Individual “dot” of material utilized to comprise a club’s face insert. Patented by the Pixl Golf Company for use in its wedges and putters as of the year 2000.
A wagering term describing the greyhound finishing second in a race.
Accuracy in the targeting of a shot.
To strike the ball with a club. The action of playing the game of golf.
Play Club
An obsolete ancient driver.
Play Off
To play further holes or another round in order to determine the winner of a tie match.
Play Through
To pass a group of golfers who are playing ahead. Golf etiquette dictates that a slow group should allow a faster-playing group to play through.
Playing Professional
A professional golfer who primarily competes in tournaments.
Playing Through
Passing another group of players who are playing ahead
Plugged Ball
Ball imbedded in its own pitch mark in the ground. It may be dropped without penalty no closer to the hole.
Plugged Lie
A lie in which the ball is buried in sand.
Plus Handicap
A player whose average is below par has a plus handicap, meaning that he must add strokes to the gross, rather than subtracting them, to determine the net score.
The upper and lower areas of the ball, much like the poles on the globe.
Pop Up
A short, high shot.
A greyhound's post position or starting box number.
Post Parade
The parading of the greyhounds before the race after they leave the paddock area. It includes he blanket and muzzle inspection.
Post Time
The starting time of the race.
Pot Bunker
A small, deep sand trap that has steep sides.
Pour in Place Insert
Epoxy-based mixture used to replace broken or missing inserts in wooden wood. Requires a 24-hour curing time and may be any one of many colors.
What every golfer should do before they play their game. -Top
Practice Green
Green set up for putting practice.
Preferred Lie
Under local rules, a manner in which a player is allowed to improve his lie without incurring a penalty.
Preferred Lies
The local rules may allow you to improve your lie because of the condition of the course. You are usually allowed to clean the ball and more it no more than one card length from the original position.
An extra bet on the remaining holes. For example, one the 16th tee, a golfer may offer a "five-dollar press" or "five-dollar extra," meaning he wants to bet five dollars on the last three holes.
Pro Shop
The golf course shop operated by the head professional where equipment is sold.
A competition in which professionals and amateurs are paired as partners.
A player who receives monetary competition for playing in tournaments or for giving lessons. Commonly shortened to "pro."
Professional Golfer
Usually earns his living from golf. Is licensed to give lessons for money.
A printed guide to the day's races, including details such as the specifications and grades of individual races, post positions, past performances, charts, handicapper's selections, overnight entries, track records and other racing statistics.
Progressive Flexibility
A shafting concept in which longer irons are fitted with more flexible shafts to promote feel and aid in getting the ball airborne and shorter irons utilize stiffer shafts for added control.
Progressive Offset
Iron head design feature in which longer irons have more offset and shorter irons have less. The offset progresses in somewhat uniform increments through the set. More offset is featured in long irons as offset tends to eliminate slicing and helps to get the ball airborne, qualities that help most players hit the ball straighter.
Progressive Torque
Set of shafts which exhibit a changing of torque from one shaft to another through the set. Typically the torque will be greater in the longer irons and less in the shorter shafts.
Propane Torch
Hand-held torch, fueled by propane, used to heat metal hosels in order to break the epoxy bond between head and shaft.
Any feature of a golf club that is unique to a particular manufacturer. For example, each manufacturer's head or shaft designs are proprietary to that manufacturer. Proprietary designs, logos, etc. are often patented by the company developing them in order to secure their exclusive use for a given time period.
Prorhythmic Swingweight Scale
A type of swingweight scale that bases its measurements on a 14” fulcrum system, additionally providing weights in ounces or grams.
Provisional Ball
A ball played if the previously hit ball may be lost or out of bounds. If the first ball is found, or is discovered to be in bounds, that ball is played. Otherwise, the player continues playing the provisional ball.
Pry Bar
Tool used in the most economic method of graphite shaft removal. The pry bar applies force to the club head as the shaft is held in a vise by a vinyl shaft clamp. Pressure from the bar forces the head from the club when the epoxy bond breaks from the application of heat.
Public Links
A course open to the public.
A ball that goes to the left of the target with little curve as hit by a right-handed player. The converse applies to left-handed players.
Pulled Up
Suddenly breaks stride and stops, usually from injury.
A low, controlled shot hit into the wind. As a verb, to hit such a shot.
Punch Low
Controlled shot into the wind. It is made by slamming the club down into the ball with a short swing
A ball that goes to the right of the target with very little or no curving for a right handed player. Or the converse for a left-handed player. As opposed to "pull"
The shot made on the putting green. From a Scottish term meaning to push gently or nudge.
Putt Out
To hole the ball with a putt.
A club especially designed for putting. It usually has a short shaft and a straight face.
Putting Green
The surface area around the hole that is specially prepared for putting.
Putting Surface
Same as putting green.
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