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R & a
Abbreviation for the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Scotland, which established the international rules of golf in collaboration with the U. S. Golf Association.
An amateur golfer with little success. A touring professional who has no tournament exemptions and must compete in qualifying rounds for chances to play in tournaments.
Raced Recklessly
Seriously impeded one or more dogs, nearly interfering.
Racing Commission
A state or county regulatory agency that oversees all aspects of greyhound racing.
Racing Secretary
The track official whose major functions include determining how many races of each grade are to be run over each distance for any given performance and conducting the random draw for post position.
The inner most position of the racetrack.
Found on the soles of metal woods, rails function to lower the center of gravity of the club and to provide less resistance as the club travels through the turf.
A high-lofted iron club that is no longer in use. It was used for playing from sand and out of water.
Rake Iron
General term given to wooden shafted clubs whose heads have slots cut through them. The concept was to reduce drag when hitting the ball. So named due to their resemblance to a garden rake.
Ram Rod
Long (@48”) thin (@3/8”) rod used to force a cork down a steel shaft when using lead powder as a swingweight material.
Practice area.
To firmly hit a putt.
Rating Marker
A permanent marker indicating the point at the front of the teeing ground from which distance to the green is measured.
Airway metal club of approximately 19 degrees of loft made popular by TaylorMade.
Read the Green
To examine the slope and texture of the green in order to determine what path the ball should take on a putt.
Reading the Green
Determining the path which the ball will take on its way to the hole by analyzing the contour and texture of the green.
Type of drill bit used to enlarge a hosel to one uniform parallel tip diameter.
To play back into a satisfactory position on the fairway or onto the green from an undesirable position, such as a hazard or rough, on the course.
Recovery Shot
A shot from an undesirable position, such as a hazard or the rough, onto the fairway or green.
Reed and Prince Screw
Ype of screw, as identified by its head pattern, used on certain soleplates and wooden wood face insert screws. Reed and Prince screws are identified by their squared screw pattern edges.
The official who is in overall charge of a tournament or match. He or she is responsible for deciding all questions of fact and of golf law, and may act on any breach of rule, whether directly observed or reported by an observer.
The process of applying a completely new finish to a wooden or metal wood. The refinish involves removing the old finish prior to applying the new finish.
Fails to leave the starting. See also: Turned in box.
The process of installing a new grip onto a club.
Regular Shaft
A shaft with normal flex.
Relative Stiffness
The stiffness of a shaft when compared to another shaft or shafts.
The point in the downswing where you uncock your wrists.
Reset Insert, Soleplate or Backweight, Etc.
The process of removing and re-epoxying (and perhaps re-installing screws) any loose part of the head as indicated.
The process of installing a new shaft into a club head.
Reverse Overlap
For a right-handed player, a putting grip in which the index finger of the right hand overlaps the little finger of the left and the converse for a left-handed player..
Ribbed Grip
Grip that has a raised section along the length of the back of the grip. Certain players believe a ribbed grip will help them maintain uniform hand position on all clubs in the set.
To play a shot accurately and for a great distance.
Rifle™ Shaft
Manufactured by Royal Precision Golf, the Rifle™ shaft is a steel shaft that is characterized by its lack of steps. Brunswick claims the shaft combines the consistency of steel with the dampening properties of graphite.
To roll around the edge of the cup.
Rim Out
To roll around the edge of the cup without dropping in.
Road Hole
The 17th hole at St. Andrews. Reputed to be the most difficult hole in the world.
Rocker Sole
See Camber Sole.
Rockwell Hardness
One possible scale used to determine the hardness of golf iron heads. Typically 1030 stainless steel has a Rockwell Hardness of B80, 18-8 steel rates B90, 431 tests at C18, while 17-4 has a hardness of C35 and cobalt is hardest at C45. See chart of metal ratings
The measure of face curvature from crown to sole on woods.
Roll Face™ Putter
Patented by Teardrop™ Golf, Roll Face™ putters feature a uniformly curving face from top to sole. Such a face, according to the company, promotes a smoother roll of the ball on the green.
Turning the wrists too much at impact
Ompound used in conjunction with a stitched buffing wheel to polish marks from a stainless head. Available in white and red (finer) compounds, rouge is typically used to create a high luster on a club head.
Areas of long grass adjacent to the teeing ground, fairway, greens, or hazards.
Rough Trip
Was impeded, bumped, or shut off more than once during race.
A complete circuit of a golf course, usually 9 or 18 holes.
Round Grip
A grip that tapers uniformly the entire distance along its length and has no discernible ribs. Most low handicappers prefer round grips.
Round Robin
A type of tournament in which each player has one match against each other player, with victory going to the player who wins the most matches.
Rssr (Recommended Swing Speed Rating)
Shaft fitting system developed by Golfsmith International as a guide to identify a shaft well-suited to a player’s swing.
Rub of the Green
Any accident, not caused by a player or caddie, that moves or stops a ball in play and for which no relief is given under the rules. This is when your ball is deflected by agencies beyond your control that are not part of the match or the competitor's side in stroke play. A bit of bad luck.
Rubber-Core Ball
Introduced in 1898, the rubber core ball consisted of a solid rubber center around which was wound elastic thread under tension. The cover was made from gutta-percha. This ball, also called the Haskell, as it was invented by Coburn Haskell, is considered to have revolutionized the game.
The distance the ball rolls on the ground or when it lands on the ground
An approach shot that is hit close to or along the ground so that the ball will roll toward the hole.
Running Iron
A club that is used for making short running shots.
Rural Rube Award
Given each year to the nation's top sprint (5/l6ths mile) greyhound by the Greyhound Review; named for an outstanding sprinter of the late 1930s, now in the Hall of Fame.
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